Should I just let him cool off?

Okay so me and this guy are practically boyfriend and girlfriend, its summer vacation so we don't see much of each other. We play ps3 online together and yesterday we were playing and my friend was in the same game as us, my "boyfriend" gets incredibly jealous very easily and while we were playing my friend didn't know that he was there. I didn't tell him because I knew he would say a bunch of crap. But anyway he's all saying that he's going to call me at 2 AM since I always talk to my "boyfriend". And then he talks all of this crap about my "boyfriend". He texts me to tell my friend to shut the f**k up. I got worried so I tried to call him and he completely ignored it even if he just sent me a text. I had tried to text him many times and call him but he's just doesn't want to talk to me. I'm very paranoid of his assumptions because they can get out of control and I don't want him to think that I would cheat on him or play him or anything like that.

Should I just let him think it for himself and calm down or should I keep trying to contact him?


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  • Toughie. Its a 2 way thing...let him cool off, in that time, let that "friend" of yours know that he should stop talking about your "boyfriend" like that and if he isn't happy for you then you guys shouldnt be friends. After that talk with your friend, tell your "boyfriend" that he is special to you and that you had a nice talk with your friend and he won't say or do things like that again. It will reassure your boyfriend again.


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