Why the guy who always respect and care for girl remains single?

Why is like that the guy who always respect them n care for them remains single or Get friend zoned. And the cool guyz like roadside boys steal them and for the sex they approach them in the name of love. Why the girls always be with them?


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  • Look at the married couples you know, most of the men who are married they're good guys who respect and care for their wives. A few or none of the married men are bad boys. That's because most girls want a guy who will respect and treat them well, they might be fooled at first by the "i love you" from a bad boy but they will eventually figure out that he doesn't respect them and break up with him. The majority of married men I know (coworkers, fathers of friends, etc.) respect and care for their wives and children.

    I have noticed that a lot of times the good guy who respects and cares for women are also really shy, they tend to not approach women they're interested in or make a move. You could be amazing, but if no girls know you exist or are interested in them, how do you expect to get into a relationship?

    Your profile says you're from India, from what I know, it is still a very conservative society, I imagine it's unlikely that a girl would ever make the first move. It means you have to make the first move. Then you also need to consider that it's also a numbers game. Meet enough people and you will eventually find someone who you like and who likes you in return.


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  • Probably you dont even know how to approach girls? I guess but as long as you have some nice personality and get yourself out there meeting girls there will be at least one who will interest in you

    • Thank you for this 👏😊

    • You're welcome

  • Maybe if you fixed your grammar, your success rate with women would increase...

    • I apologize for my mistake but I asked in a very serious way without caring of what I am writing!!! sorry for that.

    • Next time (and every time) you should, because it makes you look like a loser, and I'm pretty sure no one would date a loser.

    • I'll do remember this, Thanks 😊

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  • Ask them about those 'Cool Guyz' later, when they are pregnant, and he got on his motorcycle, and rode away!
    That is when you are her BEST FRIEND!!

  • Because you're in India and they smothered too many baby girls for stupid cultural reasons.


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