Ideas on this situation?

One night after I broke up with my girlfriend, I wound up driving a coworker home, and she jumped onto me and started kissing me and taking my clothes off.
We wound up having sex, great sex, and I didn't use protection, and I was terrified she was gonna get pregnant.
I didn't treat her too well after because I was terrified, and stressed.
She didn't get pregnant, but we both wound up quitting.
I had a dream about her and I tried friend requesting her on Facebook, and no answer, and I messaged her, and she never read it. I found her Instagram, but she's never posted.
I want to at least apologize. any ideas?


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  • Dude let it be, you got a good rebound why do you wanna complicate it.


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  • Go talk to her in person. old fashioned face to face

    • I don't know where she is now

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    • sounds like your best bet is just moving on hm?

    • yeah. Maybe. but I feel bad about it, and still want that again too.😞

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