Why is it that some guys feel down after someone leaves them?

I have been feeling extremely down about myself and not feeling content, but my question is why does this happen? I've had a few exs in the past and it's never been like this and it's now been 2 months since that girl left me, and we never dated


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  • you're just hung up on her. Clearly something about her has left you still wanting her. The best you can do is figure out what that is first and go from there

    • Like I do miss our talks and all, but she has a boyfriend and she's completely forgotten about me and it's as if I never was there.

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    • You don't know until you try. Use your past fails and do everything you can to avoid the same problems from reoccurring. If you don't think positive you will always see the negatives in your relationships.

    • thank you for your help😊

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  • As men, it's hard for us to deal with our feelings in a constructive way. Once we get attached, we put our heart and soul into our significant other. We are taught to be strong, fight sensitivity and show little emotion. However, once you allow that "one" to step behind enemy lines, our rules and walls come crashing down. Nothing makes us happier than to receive love from a woman; it's what completes us in an earthly sense. I hope you find the strength to regain the emotional strength you once had or at best a love that will endure. I may end up in a breakup soon, but it happens to the best of us.

    • I know right! one small thing can destroy everything

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