Ex boyfriend will not leave me alone?

I was in a relationship with a guy for 9 years. We have a three year old together. We argue all the time. And I am so emotionally drained of the relationship. I broke it off with him after his temper finally set me over the edge. Truth is I have been emotionally out of the relationship for a lot longer. Its been a month since I broke it off with him. He calls me everyday about 17 times a day. If I do not answer he just keeps calling till I answer or respond to his texts. He asks me how I can just give up on the relationship after 9 years and a child. I just can't do it anymore. He shows up at my house at all hours of the day/night. Will not give me the key back because its 'his" house too. (We rented the place together) He asks me about other guys. We can't agree on a visitation schedule. He doesn't want to take it to probate court because he thinks "why do we have to get them involved". I don't know what to do because I can never not have communication will him because of our daughter. But I need him to realize that its over and we are not getting back together and to stop trying to contact me unless its regarding out daughter. He also asks my daughter what I have been doing, where I was and other questions. What else can I do?


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  • It doesn't appear a rational approach is working so I'd suggest moving on to a legal approach and getting a lawyer. He won't like it, but he had his chance to work through this with you.

    If you're worried about him having a key to your place then get a locksmith to change the locks (if you are legally allowed to do this, refer to your lawyer).


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