So I'm getting annoyed was it a horrible thing to say this?

I had a boyfriend that didn't want to see me just text me. He lived 45 mins away and he's talking about our future and bs. I told one of our friends. "He doesn't love me. I mean if feels good when he says it but I know it's not real. If you want him you can have him. " somehow she thought that meant I was using him for comfort because he says he loves me.
I seriously meant he doesn't give a fuck about me but it's nice to think he does because I cared about him. What do you think?


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  • he might have been to shy/scared to meet u

    • He seen me twice in the two years we dated. He seemed shy but he actually met me when we were kids and he remembered it. He would call and text that's it.

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    • so tell then u broke up cause he didn't want to see u you shouldn't overthink things

    • It's just annoying. I feel bad for saying it and i dont think I did anything wrong

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  • I would never say, "If you want him you can have him" to a friend, who knows if that friend will assume that in the future if you are unhappy in a relationship that you would be okay if she had sex with him or stole him away from you.

    Honestly, it sounds like you are basically done with the relationship, I'm guessing that you're probably considering breaking up with him. If you're unhappy and have talked to him about this and he hasn't changed, break up with him, why stay?

    • I have broken up with him. He cheated on me before with her so that's kinda why I said it. Stupid idea but I did.

    • Wait, he cheated on you before with her and you're still friends with her? And good for you for breaking up with him.

    • We're more just people who know eachother. She started a bunch of shit after this happened and I hate her guts. We were friends for years before all this happened.

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