Should I dump him and how?

I reconnected with an ex who I have a really strong connection with but who is selfish and abusive most of the time. Emotionally abusive, never there for me, abandons me all the time, makes me feel like I mean nothing to him until he wants an ego boost again, along with addiction problems.

He ignored me for days even when I said I had to block his number. So I blocked him and he messaged me on Facebook claiming he tried texting/calling and to let him know by Friday if I still want to talk. I know I want no romantic relations with him but know he really wanted to be friends. I don't know if he even deserves my friendship cause he couldn't even be a friend when he claimed to be "in love". Should I even message back and what should I say? Tell him if I ever choose to be friends I'll let him know, say I need a week or two break no talking? I'm really not sure what to do but i know I don't want to get sucked back into a romantic and Abusive cycle with him again.


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  • He's only interested if you have sex with him. That is ALL you are to him. Trust me on this.

    And why exactly do you put up with this kind of bullshit? Surely you're not really that desperate, right?

    • Actually he wants to "save sex til marriage" so sex is the last thing on his mind by the way

    • Uh, no honey, it's not.
      So many games... so little time. :)

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  • This is a situation where silence is golden. I wouldn't say anything


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  • I don't think you can be friends with this person, since to quote you "he was not friends when he claimed to be in love". Try ignoring it. Do not reply. As far as i think, friendship can also be emotionally abusive if it is not with the right person. Save yourself from trouble.


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  • Why Did you get back with him

    • Because I was over taken with feelings and he was on his best behavior when we first met til he was another person and his true colors re appeared

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