Has he really moved on?

I'm 24, he's 27 and he was my first boyfriend, although I was definitely not his first girlfriend. We were friends for two years, dated for a few months, and I broke up with him at the end of November. It wasn't because of anything he did wrong. He wanted to marry me, so just knowing how much I've hurt him has made this extremely hard for me to move on. I honestly would've rather he broke up with me! I've been so worried about him too because I know how he's been dealing with this but I didn't want to make things harder by reaching out to him, I just wanted to give him space. We both said that we'd be friends... but he's left the church we both attend and moved since then.

After 3 months of no contact, I sent out a mass Easter text and included him. I honestly thought he had deleted my # and was scared to receive a "umm who is this" reply if I sent him a more personal text. Turns out, he still had my #. He was still angry and brought up a lot of the reasons why we broke up. I didn't want to argue, but just to tell him that he meant too much to me to let that supportive friendship that we have go. He said, that we could maybe have that down the line. And knowing him, if he didn't ever want to talk to me again he would've deleted my # told me never to talk to him again - like he has with previous girlfriends.

So... my questions are...

- He's said he's moved on and is fine but if he really has moved on, and is in a new relationship, why would he bring up all the reasons that we broke up again and want to argue?

- Texting him brought up a lot of emotions for me, almost re-opening that broken-heart wound again (although let's be honest, it never fully healed anyway) as I'm sure it did for him too, but today I just realized something he may have misunderstood in the text that I really feel I should clarify. Like it's literally making me sick to my stomach thinking he may have misunderstood me. Do I text him again to clarify that or just let it go?


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  • After Reading that, he deleted your number and it seems he won't be contacting you anymore.
    You should try to move on😊
    Not easy but you can take your time on that 😊

    You are going to seem ridiculous by messaging him often as he isn't trying to talk things through with you.
    The sinking feeling inside is because you are hurt and upset.
    You shouldn't message him.

    • He didn't delete my number...

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    • My bad again, on that part sorry πŸ˜‚

    • And yes it seemed like he has found someone else. Not a nice feeling to know but you are capable of doing whatever you have in life and one day finding someone else 😊

      They say the first relationship is always the hardest to move on from. Good Luck 😊

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