Am I being used?

I broke up with my girlfriend a week ago. We dated for 3 years , we really loved each other, but as time passed we made a lot of mistakes that we couldn't forget or forgive. So we broke up. But we stayed friends, because both of us are good people. So, she says "I'm looking for work, can you ask your business place if they are hiring people or not?" And I say "Yeah , sure". And I did ask. Am I being used or she just asks for my help. Should I stop helping her. People are saying "Stop helping her, she's using you, she will think that you can't leave her, you always think about her. She will ask for more." And this makes me nervous. Is it true?


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  • You claim you're still friends, don't friends help each other? Now sure, if it feels like she doesn't care about you, then stop being friends with her, but given you said she was a good person, it would be safe to assume that isn't the case as good people don't generally use people.

  • i don't think it's a good idea either. your friends might know the situation more than us. also , it sends the wrong signals to her if you keep helping her like this. it's better just to be formal friends with her and don't help her for major issues of her life. let her take the help of someone else.

  • Help to her not wrong and be good friend


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