Should I stay in this relationship?

All my friends who are in relationships text their boyfriends every second of the day and when they get home they call them. Well my relationship is the total opposite. We've been dating for 2 months now and things have changed. When we first started dating we used to text and call almost everyday. We even slept on call. Now we text a couple times a day and then he would text me 1 in the morning when i'm asleep.
We only see each other once a week and when we do see each other we mostly kiss, make out or have sex. I talked to him about it and he apologized saying that he was on his "man period". After the talk i noticed that he texted me more and i was very pleased with it. I'm still wondering why he hasn't called me in 3 weeks. Do you think he's doing this so he can still have sex with me?

Most of my friends told me to drop him and find someone who actually has the time for me. But i can't get myself to break up with him. My friend suggested i take a week not talking to him at all just to see how i feel (ofc ill ask him about it before doing so)
Should I stay in this relationship?
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