Great relationship, feel left out?

I now have a great boyfriend who makes me happy. I do admit we spend a lot of time together. I feel left out with two of my friends. I never seem to get invited anymore. I have ask them to hang out but they are busy when I do most of the time. Three of them went to a concert and I was not invited. I am hardly ever invited to hang out with swim in the pool anymore. Yet I have ask them if they all wanted to go to the demos, and six flags. Or will be like we all should do something...I just feel like me always be asking...My one friend was in a relationship before and they only time she hung out with me was when her boyfriend was busy...and now she is the single one. Back then I was single...


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  • This is tough. You need to talk with them INDIVIDUALLY. tell them you still want a relationship. You should also try to make a girls' night out a regular thing. Your Boyfriend should understand.


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  • try balancing hanging out with your friends and your boyfriend, maybe your boyfriend every weekend and your friends during the week? just an example...

    I had a friend that was in this situation. My best advice is to talk to them and tell them exactly how you feel because it sounds to me like they have no idea what you're going through.

    hope this helps:)


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