Has he moved on?

I'm 24, he's 27. He was my first boyfriend, but I wasn't his first girlfriend. We were friends for 2 years, and dated for 4 months. I broke up with him in November and we haven't been in contact for the past 3 months. He wanted to marry me, so I know how much this has hurt him, but we said that we'd like to be friends eventually, (of course after time passes) but since then he's moved away. I've wanted to text him, but was scared to receive a "who is this" reply because I was sure he had deleted my # so I figured it'd just be easier to include him in a mass Easter text, which got us talking again.

- He still had my # (he's deleted his previous ex's #'s and told them never to talk to him again).
- In the texts following the Easter text I could tell he was still angry and wanting to argue about why we broke up and said that maybe later we could be friends, but not for now.
- He made a point to say that he hated where he moved but ended with "I have moved on and am fine. You will be too."

So my question is... if he really has moved on and is happy in another relationship, why would he want to bring up the past and argue again? Why would be still be that angry? Wouldn't it have subsided a little? When he says he's moved on, does that necessarily mean he's in a new relationship?


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  • He is trying to get you to retaliate saying that he is so much better now than when he was with you. It's a pathetic attempt to try and get you all worked up and make him seem like he did nothing wrong. Hopr I helped in some way ☺️

    • Why would he try to get me to retaliate?

    • So that in your anger you may make a mistake I'm which he will use against you to make you feel as though that this is your fault

  • Why do you care? He's an ex. You're stupid if you think you can be friends

    • Because I still care about him as a person. Just because we're not in a relationship anymore doesn't mean that my respect for him has disappeared too. I think we mean too much to each other to go back to being strangers. And I think that was evident in the fact that he didn't delete me. People can go back to being friends, it's possible.

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    • I personally know a lot of people who are.

    • It doesn't last

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