Trying to find a way to understand the situation and find a solution to get back together but need help understanding?

I've been in this relationship for 5 years and only 6-7 days ago have had an argument that was blown into a larger proportion than it should have and ended up he blocked me on all platforms of communication such as texting, Facebook, etc because me being obviously upset at the time tried to desperately plea and beg him to listen and to give us another chance. On these emails on the same day it happened his replies to my emails said in an angrily written manner that he doesn't want this anymore and that he wants things to end then he stopped replying and I had stopped trying to contact him. So recently (on Wednesday) still 6-7 days after the event of the break up, he has decided to re-add me on Facebook and sent me a message saying that he has re-added me back and he wanted to be friends and that he would keep me updated on the pets we had together. Since the message i made small talk to him asking how the animals we had we're going and received short one sentence replies all starting with "yeah they are so and so". I haven't said anything else since I asked our mutual friend for advice an like he said to wait until he says something. My whole intentions and point is however is that I clearly still love him and have the intentions of wanting to reconcile our relationship and be able to sit and talk, fix and work it out for another chance because during the time I hadn't had contact him, I'd be talking to our mutual friend whom is also in contact with him and said that when he talked to our mutual friend, he seems hesitant and that unblocking me "felt like the right thing to do". I really want to get him back but I don't understand this situation. I want to get him back? What are some good ways to try and get him back? I'm afraid he will move on for good and so soon. What are some ways I could get him back?


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  • You don't want him back. You'll only break up again but quicker. It's over permanently and completely and you will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it.


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