Why is my ex boyfriend being a jerk?

It all started like a month ago when we break up, we decided to still be friends but it was all for having sex. I discovered this and I decided to finish everything, for me and for respect. A couple of months later a guy that lives on my building asked me out for a coffee and the same day I told my best friends and my ex I don't know how figured it out. Today I was at school and when my class finished I stayed with a couple of friends to check some stuff out about an exam and he arrived as normal and started playing a piano that was there (I study music) the minute I touched the piano he started acting all crazy and saying "shit, seriously?" and I told him to chill that I just needed to check some stuff and he started saying that I don't understand that he was very nervous and he had a big test next period and he needed the piano etc I said "ok fine, had a good day" and he replied "yeah se. to you, bye" as I left the room he slammed the door. I don't know why he's being like that he used to be a great guy, respectful etc... boys, any ideas?


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  • from my prospective guys get bitter after a breakup it could mean two things... 1 . they never cared about you
    2. they still love n care about you
    but I think in most cases when they start being rude after you talking to another guy it means they still care about you


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