Divorced friend having issues?

I've had a close friend from my very first job, and she finishing up her divorce, and I've tried to help by listening and being helpful.
She was upset about the decision she made, but her husband was always bad to her son (not his) and I told her that she had to do what's right for her and her son. She snapped on me saying I wasn't helping.

She always looked out for me when I kept saying this girl, and she was pissed about how my girlfriend would treat me. But they were the same religion (LDS) and whenever​ my girlfriend pushed the religion, my friend would always agree with her and say I was wrong to take offense, despite me telling them both I don't want to be apart of the religion.

She helped me in the past, I've been a good role model for her son, but I feel like she hasn't had a positive influence as of late. I can't stand the LDS religion, and I can't be supportive or be a friend without the religion coming into play.

What are your opinions?


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  • You are a very good friend to her. Also she is vulnerable. However she deserves respect and privacy in addition to the comfort.

    • Does it not seem like I am respecting her?

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    • Okay, let me try to make it simpler.

      Here is a lady, a single mother, who definitely is facing some issues in life, and finds you to be a dear friend (she is impressed and wants her son tobe like you)

      This says she finds you trustworthy, and she gets all the respect from you that she deserves. She wants to guide you (ref girlfriend and LSD) and wants to ensure you are not in trouble.

      At the same time she starts having a feeling "that you are not helping" , so definitely some expectations were there, and apparently you don't know what it was. Ideally you should respectfully talk to her to understand what are expectations are. As mentioned, girls in this mental. phase are vulnerable. Hence a good communication will help.

    • oh, ok. Thank you!

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  • Nothing. Let her deal with her problems. If she was the religious type, she would of never gotten a divorce.


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