Why does a divorce cost so much in America?


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  • I mean, there is definitely a business behind it, but it's not super expensive if you don't go the path of lawyers. In fact, it's really shockingly cheap. The filing fee is a couple hundred, they have a required parenting course that's another $35, then you have a required parenting evaluation that's another $4,500, but I think if you're broke, you don't have to pay for the evaluator. Aside from that, there's really nothing more to pay for except for a few $20 filing fees here and there. It only gets expensive if you want to fight and then... well, mine cost $210k total in attorneys fees plus having to pay for nutty things like psychiatric evaluations and what not.

    The good news is that it's only painful at the start when you drop your first $10k. Once your inured, it's not so bad and to be honest, I sort of miss the emails and invoices from my attorney. I even sent her office an edible arrangement earlier this week for "National Be Kind to Lawyers Day" to her know that I was thinking about her!

    • Wow! 210k? That's a lot of money in your early 30's. Invested over 30 years at 10% could be over a million. I often hear a lot of women that talk to lawyers and if the man has a high income or net worth, lawyers will convince her to "take him to the cleaners" or she "deserves the lifestyle she's accustomed too". And most do. Why would any man of means get married at all?

    • I mean, that's just attorneys fees too. We split assets 50/50 on top of that and the reason why I finally filed for divorce is because she just an unbelievable spender. And I agree with you 100% about marriage -- I'm very much against marriage. There are so many more important things in life than pursuing an arrangement like that and it's just a bad idea. That said, I don't feel sorry for myself. I'm the one who agreed to all of those things and it's not like she wasn't difficult BEFORE I married her. I mean, she has this Ph. D. in biomolecular engineering and works as a scientist splicing DNA and doing all sorts of blah blah blah. She was always very much "You don't control me!" whenever I'd suggest that we curb spending or whatever. Yet I married her. It's my fault 100%. People (and I admit, particularly men) need to make better decisions. You don't have to get married -- there are other options.

    • Glad you got out when you did. My cousin that got divorced lost half. And to add salt to the wound, he has to pay alimony for life because he got married in California. After 10 years of marriage ( she divorced him after being married for 10 years 5 months LOL!), she's entitled to lifetime alimony. I can see why men don't bother getting married. It's a raw deal! Thanks for sharing your story JP.

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  • The majority of the cost is alimony or affectionately known as vaginamoney and losing 50% of what the highest earner has earned.

    • Vaginamony - Payment for past use of vagina. - Tom Leykis. =D

  • They don't have to. If there was no kids and you can split amicably you could get by with a divorce kit from a paralegal

    • My friend's divorce cost him half a million. She didn't work and they had no kids.

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    • Absolutely agree they were stupid. Wish I can go back in time and be a divorce attorney!

    • There's even attorneys that will do an uncontested divorce with no kids for $200. The key is uncontested

  • because it one of the main engines that keep the good economy we have running


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