'The Kitten Paradox'

A few weeks ago my ex moved back to town and started working at the same place where we met last summer. It started out rocky but we became comfortable around each other and she started seeing me in a more normal state, hanging out with the guys, joking around, laughing, etc. Flash forward to Monday when I showed her and some other people pictures of my new kitten while we were on break. She fawned over him and later that today I asked her if she wanted to hang out and catch up.

Yesterday we went and got some coffee and then she came over to my house where I live alone (I moved out of my parent's while she was away) to see the kitten. She hung out for an hour or so there and then I took her back to her car so she could get home in time for "Glee."

Tonight she started texting me and told me that she buzzed and that she thought about having her sister bring her by my house to see the kitten. We texted for a little while and she made some comments that seemed awkward. Such as: in response to my saying I'd have to get used to translating her texts again she said 'Don't get too used to it" and then "Sorry, I'm kinda buzzed." She's lying in bed at this time too, not sure if that's important.

Now, my question is this: Is this new found communication due strictly to the emergence of a kitten in my household now or is there something else going on? She pretty much broke off all communication with me and only much later admitted to 'freaking out.' And the resurgence of texting/joking/flirting is abrupt, at the least.

I'd really like to get some opinions on this because I'm baffled and am trying to make as logical of decisions as possible with this.
'The Kitten Paradox'
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