What does it mean when my ex girlfriend asks for a kiss?

After keeping our distance for +- 2 months she suddenly gave me a hug and 3 kisses on my cheek for Easter (something we never did) afterwards when i was leaving she asked if she could have a kiss so i gave her 1 on her cheek. Now i'm wondering what she means with it.


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  • She clearly regrets letting you go, but doesn't want to confess it to you, because... I don't know, she's confused.

    She's seeking confirmation on whether or not you miss her too.

    • Thank you for your response, i think you might be right about it because Monday evening she called and asked if i maybe wanted to do something together next week. Do you think that's a clear indication that she wants to try and get back together?

    • Yes, totally

      but she's a little afraid to admit, so she wants to start dating you again, in hope everything's gonna get back together again

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