Why ex communication would become more and random?

First my Google search skills didn't find an answer and know it's there..

Back story together 4 years married not long after till last Dec. and divorce final. Started dating her friend before our relationship ended..

There was little text here and there past few months.. Anger from her and breadcrumbs..

Last 2 weeks I would say that her text coming daily and random questions.. Last week I am going on vacation and told her since I am watching her dogs till she finds a place. One is 'ours'. And she said I'll be gone next weekend and said cool where, just gone (jealous is how I accepted it)

Last night I went to a event and she knew. Text me this morning what time did it end. Told her and a text about event, didn't answer. Few hours later asked if i wanted to go on a walk with her with dogs. Said sure and she then asked if her child could ride bus to my place so she could pick her up. This has been last 3 days now..

When she came to get them she started to vent about someone. Left, got a call and she started to vent for about 10 mins. And she told me she was going on vacation, asked who with and mentioned boyfriend name. She never talks about him, used to complain to me about him. Asked how is their relationship to throw her off and reply was good.

Now, my typing skills for telling information isn't that great and apologize.
Why is she reaching out to me now and venting to me when she has someone else. Will always love her, don't really want a relationship with her..

If need anymore information, I'll be pleased to give or add. Thank you


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  • Hi there, well firstly anything i say is purely guess work based on your brief description. I would say first off if this recent re connection is causing you any kind of distress or unwanted effects then you need to put a stop to it. She is making contact with you based on her life and her situation what ever it is at this time. It could be she feels the need for venting and is genuinely seeking your honest opinion because she trusts you, or she could be regretting the spilt and searching for a sign that you may be open to trying again, she could be trying to make you jealous, it could be anything. At the end of the day you have to decide where you stand in all this and if you are happy to keep playing a role in what she is dragging you into? it sounds like she's in a drama and is pulling you into it for goodness knows what reason, you have to make a decision if you play in the game? or get out? xx


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