How long do I wait for him to break up with me?

My boyfriend is about to break up with me. I overheard him talking to a friend. He said, "So... I don't think I'm really wanting a relationship right now, and I feel bad because it's going to crush her if I tell this to her."
I saw this coming as we haven't talked in more than a week and have only seen each other once in four weeks. During this time, I have gathered myself together and moved on. I just assumed he'd ghost me.
The reason I want him to do it is because he needs closure, and he didn't get it with the last girl. I already know how I'm going to respond (don't worry- it'll be respectful).
How long am I supposed to wait until he breaks up with me?
I don't really want to wait too long for this. I'm ready to date other people or just keep moving on with my life.
+1 y
I called to see if we could meet in person tomorrow. He didn't answer which is another reason why I was going to let him be the one to end things.
+1 y
Would it be rude to break up over textmessage or voice mail since he's not answering?
How long do I wait for him to break up with me?
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