After a certain time does an object left in your possession legally become yours?

My ex left an object at my house when we broke up, I reminded him of it several times before he moved away but he never collected it. It has been around 4 years since we broke up and since the object was left with me. We got back friends for a short time recently but that was a mistake. Now I hardly talk to him, I think he thinks we're still friends though even though the last time we spoke face to face we were arguing. He keeps asking for his object but if I'm being honest I'd rather not have to see him. Does he still own this object even though it has been in my possession for all of this time. Thanks for your help in advance.


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  • He's using the said object as a method or "reason" to keep talking to you.

    The ball is always in your court and has been for some time. Get an address and drop the object off on his front door. When I dumped my ex, I cut all ties right away. I gave her back all her sentimental things to prove that I am ready to move on, and to make sure that she can't use her things as some kind of anchor.

    Since he does keep reminding you of this thing and you have been calling it "his", then yes it's his still - even after 4 years.


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  • just give it back to him and make the visit short


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