Ex is acting like a different person? (Had to repost due to not making it for men and women to respond)?

My ex of 3 years broke up with me in December because we fought all the time. At the breakup until about February we stayed okay friends but it just got awkard because I wanted to get back together but he wanted to stay broken up. He said that we both needed time to heal and "start over" but it didn't happen that way.

Fast forward to now, and he just seems desperate to be with anyone. We stopped talking 3 months ago when I found out he was on not one or two but THREE dating apps, from my friend who was also on these apps. Over the span of the month after that I found out he dropped out of his classes. After I found out he was on a fourth dating app. The most recent, the fifth one, was actually a dating and hookup app specifically for "chubby" girls. That was where I drew the line... I just had to come here to ask you guys.

I was his first, before me he was a virgin. I am also kind of "chubby" in a way. that last app is just too specific, seems he is looking for a girl with a specific body type probably for sexual reasons. Is it possible that he is just kind of obsessed with sex now? And is this my fault? He was such a sweet and thoughtful guy dedicated to his school and job while we dated. After things went south... he became this new guy that just looks like he wants to find a piece of ass or date any girl who will date him. It's quite sad. I feel bad that he isn't at least happier in the photos I've seen... he seems very sad and lost.


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  • Each & every time you contact him, he will anticipate your motive is to try to win him back.
    That said, I don't quite understand your meaning of "That was where I drew the line..."
    "Drew the line" on his behavior? Drew the line on minding your own business?
    3 years together is significant, but is he not capable of making his own decisions? Why do you feel entitled to judge his choices? Do you think he is spiraling out of control? I'm sure you still are concerned about his welfare, but you don't need to tell him what he can or cannot do.

    • Drew the line and I did not mean I was going to intervene in any way, I understand he is his own person that can make his own choices. I meant drew the line at what I personally believed to be normal for a guy who is dating, and now I feel like he is just making poor choices because maybe he wants to sleep around now or something or maybe he just wants to date anyone who says yes. Whatever his reason is, it's far far removed from the person I knew and loved for so long. This is why I said "draw the line", meaning it was the point at which I started to worry.

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  • oh maybe you should try talking to him I mean if you once cared about him that means you still care about him n it's not good to just watch him drown


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