Heartbroken. Need serious advice, anything helps?

So me&my ex broke up, granted he's much older than me. I'm 22&he's 48&I know what a lot Of people are thinking, already

Things were always great, except we'd barely see each other because of our schedules he's a professional musician plays in a lot of bands here in Vegas&I go to school full time, work&do modeling. But when we would see each other it was good. We were together for almost a year&last Sunday he dumps me on Easter over text, he never had a good reason to. just said he wasn't "feeling our relationship any more then, asked me not to hate him because he didn't hate me&that he knew at some point I wanted kids, and that he was never ever ever going to have them." We had never discussed this before. I mean yeah some day I would have wanted kids but not anytime soon. He never communicated any of his feelings to me about anything so how was I suppose to know something was wrong?

Following this my friend reached out to him &was like you owe her an explanation&he said "nothing I say will make her feel better, she will heal on her own in time" so basically he wasn't going to give me an explanation&was gonna let me feel like shit til I got over it? I love the dude, I don't hate him I just want to understand. I messaged him after my friend told me what he had said. Basically saying I loved him&didn't understand but I don't hate him&that I love him enough to let him be happy even if it didn't include me (which killed me) he replied a few hours after&said it's "no ones fault. You didn't do anything. There was no roots. You'll agree in time" I couldnt believe how cold he was being, I'm so crushed&I haven't talked to him since. I've been ignoring his stories on snap chat even tho the last two days he's been posting pictures of other girls. I'm so hurt by it I have no idea what to do or what this means. he seems so unphased. I've been trying to be mature about it I haven't blasted him on social media, Im letting him have his space. I want him back but I don't know
Heartbroken. Need serious advice, anything helps?
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