Why would she do this? Lol?

So after 2 months of no contact I decide to request my ex girlfriend on instagram and attached with that, I sent a heart warming message along the lines of "hey I just got back from this place and it reminded me of the time so and so happened😂" and left it at that.. no I didn't sound desperate or anything just left the door open for her either to reply or not which she only read and decided not to so I was like ok whatever...

Anyway what threw me off guard is that she hasn't approved nor denied my friend request and before u start saying "she doesn't care for you, she wants nothing to do with you, blah blah blah" I want to point out this main key. If she really didn't want nothing to do with me why not just block me simple as that? That'll be the perfect message to send someone that you don't give two-F's about..

Why is she doing this to her self? She obviously sees me in her friend requests whenever someone else requests her


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  • She probably just doesn't want to talk or deal with it right now. She's moving on and you should do the same. It seems like to me you're not completely over her yet and I think you should be before making contact like that with her again.

    • You really think 2 months later she hasn't moved on? and as for me I have moved on, went out a lot, met new people, just recently started missing her as a friend I don't know why?

    • If you had moved on completely, this wouldn't be bothering you. Keep doing the no contact for another while.

    • Guess your right, guess I never really moved on?

  • Blocking would imply she does care, because it suggests that seeing a person would bother them. I don't block my exs, because i I don't care enough to. sorry to be blunt but she probably has deleted or ignored the request because she is utterly indifferent. it's like the difference between hate and dislike/disinterest. hate is still an emotion you feel for someone. disinterest means you don't care or think about them.

    • That's the thing she hasn't deleted or ignored it, it's still there..

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    • It just bugs me because the last time we ever spoke after the break up she said she really missed me and I totally blew it..

    • But if she's ignoring you now, she probably has moved on and doesn't miss you anymore. I know it sucks, but you should be with someone, or at least like someone, who is interested in you back. Can't stay hung up over the past. You blew it, it happened, and it's over now. There's nothing you can change, moving on is better.

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