Why would she do this? Lol?

So after 2 months of no contact I decide to request my ex girlfriend on instagram and attached with that, I sent a heart warming message along the lines of "hey I just got back from this place and it reminded me of the time so and so happened­čśé" and left it at that.. no I didn't sound desperate or anything just left the door open for her either to reply or not which she only read and decided not to so I was like ok whatever...

Anyway what threw me off guard is that she hasn't approved nor denied my friend request and before u start saying "she doesn't care for you, she wants nothing to do with you, blah blah blah" I want to point out this main key. If she really didn't want nothing to do with me why not just block me simple as that? That'll be the perfect message to send someone that you don't give two-F's about..

Why is she doing this to her self? She obviously sees me in her friend requests whenever someone else requests her
Why would she do this? Lol?
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