How do I help a "suicidal" friend?

Her boyfriend broke up with her almost two months ago, and she's suicidal. Basically she thinks I'm her only friend cos her classmates in college hate her for some reason. She always calls me and tells that she's tired of everything, she has lots of problems, no one loves her etc and thinks it will be better if her life ends. During her first call, I was damn scared since of course, it's about her life. But as she continues to threaten me and her ex, I'm getting tired of it. Her ex (also my close friend) left her because of her attitude.

My other friends said that she's acting like a psycho. As much as I want to help, I'm afraid to tell something harsh/direct because I don't want to offend her (scary since she wants to kill herself). Tbh, her mindset starts to affect my life negatively, but I can't leave her because she's too helpless.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. :(
How do I help a "suicidal" friend?
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