I've been seeing a man (separated for 1 year and going through divorce) dor 3 mos and things are going great. We have same values, interests and great sex life. We've exchange "i love yous" and i know that he sincerely cares abut me. I've accepted the fact that he is still married and won't be able to commit in the future. In those 3 mos we've been seeing each other i know or maybe i just make myself believe that i can keep up with "casual relationship" even though we've exchanged deep feelings with each other but at the end of the day a single/never married woman like me still wants commitment i am in no place of being successful in my career at the moment as a matter of fact i just got laid off and still looking for a job but i'm pretty positive i'll get things altogether soon. I'm not ready to get married anytime soon either but there's still something inside me that wants assurance/commitment.

He said he is guilty of not being able to treat me the way he wanted me to be treated (girlfriend) he wanted to parade me in front of his friends take me on holidays, spend days, nights even awkward and not so pleasant hours but he can't. I understand that. I know how it is to he divorced or separated it's takes time to heal and self exploration. But the connection and bond we have is so good i know i have to let go he knows it too because he don't want us to get hurt. But how do you exactly do that? This is so sad and painful. I can't do it even when my brain says so but my heart doesn't seem to understand. Please help me.
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