How should I go about this?

My ex and I have broken up I want to have some sort of relationship with him.. I haven't spoken with him in almost 3 months. I know he's going on vacation in a couple of weeks.. I was going to try and talk to him after he comes back but I'm not really sure what to say to him I want to apologize for some things that I have said to him... Any suggestions on how to initiate the conversation


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  • Talk your mind out, I am a big fan of talking about feelings. Letting it be real. If you guys fought, broke up whatever... one part of both of you know each other, to be honest it sucks to see someone whom you loved, knew to be a stranger, anticipating his behavior, building mental scenarios, overthinking on whatever little info you get.

    It might be difficult in the beginning, but trust me. It always feel better to talk, being real.. I wished 1000s of times that the girls spoke their mind instead of playing cool or indifferent. What if that's still what he wants as well.. what if you telling him sorry redeems him of some self doubts or he has a relaxed trip due to your one generous Gesture.

    It would be a grand gesture in my opinion if you can pull it off... more than that, You know you owe it to yourself rather than anyone (he comes close second).. Just Do it! ✓

    • What I missed was that, if you two feel the same way then the upside potential is huge! You can make peace on lots of issues, get together or whatever..

    • I know but how do I initiate contact I haven't talk to him in months and he thinks I'm mad at him

    • let's reframe your how question a bit, "What drives you to intiate the conversation?", Ans- The need to clarify this confusion and letting him know your true feelings. Focus on that and just dial.. If you get stuck at some point just remember what drives you to make that call and say it loud.

      He thinks you are mad, how wrong is that. It's not even fair with that poor guy, just go ahead and redeem him from that mess.. speak your mind out without worrying about consiquences, because its not easy but it's the right thing to do. Words are powerful, use them!

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