She has not called me back. Need help analyzing this situation

So I met this girl at a club, we talked for a little bit and I got her number. A few days later we met up for coffee and ended up chatting for about 2 hours. I waited a few days before calling her, and when I did, I left a message telling her to call me back, and she has not called me back. It's been less then 24 hours, but I was just wondering what may have happened? Or am I just blowing this outta proportion and should wait longer? Also, when may be a good time to try to contact her again (obviously not right away), and what should be said? Thanks for the advice in advance.


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  • You are over thinking this whole situation. It's been less then 24 hours, give her time to call you back she may be busy. Having a 2 hour conversation sounds pretty positive to me but I wasn't there to know how great the 2 hour conversation was. I wouldn't worry and think about it too much. Also, don't contact her again you don't want to seem to clingy or attached. That is the least you want her to think so I wouldn't contact her again.

    • So I shouldn't ever contact her again? I guess if she wanted to talk, she would have called back...

    • I'd say wait another week to contact her. You don't want to seem to clingy. Just give her time she might be busy with stuff that you aren't aware of. I wouldn't worry to much if she still doesn't contact you in a week or son then maybe try again.

  • less then 24 hours...calm down, wait longer...she can call you back in maybe 3 days.. I wouldn't contact her again, since the last move was yours, and I don't know what you could say, just be yourself...


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