Will someone message me and help me figure out if my ex likes me?

my ex and I just spoke after one year ill tell u what he said and u tell me your opinion... please HELP ME


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  • what he say?

    • this is how it happen:
      me: why have u been staring at me so much lately, I feel like I'm starting to like u again so can u tell me why u do it to Clear things up
      him: I dont know
      him just feel like I left things choppy between us
      me: what does that mean
      him: ttyl
      him: gtg
      him: I was rude when I broke up with you
      me: lol i don't care about that anymore it doesn't matter, I was just wondering why u kept staring at me becuz I thought that u hated me
      him: oh god no
      him: I dont hate you
      me: haha ok
      him: *laughing emoji*
      him: im so sorry if that was the impression I left you with
      me: you don't have to be sorry
      him: I take things to heart
      him: maybe we should talk more
      me: yea
      by the way this is the same guy I haven't talked to in a year who is going out of his way to stare at me at school and the same guy who once blocked me on snapchat a long time ago

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    • we were never friends before we dated we just went to the same school and stared at eachother we had mutual friends made us realize we liked each other plus its kinda impossible we aren't really part of the same group// also do u think he likes me according on the stuff I said before

    • yea there's a slim chance but still build up that friendship first

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