Girls, would you ever let a man do all this if you weren't attracted to him?

1. Hold you around the waist or at the top of your hips.

2. Kissing your forehead

3. Kissing you on the cheek

4. Play with your hair

5. Hold your face

6. Caress your neck, back and sides

7. Hug and hold you every time he sees you.

Seriously, please tell me! If a woman lets a man do all this does this mean she is attracted to him?


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  • Only she knows for sure but... As far as FEELINGS: the things you're describing are more "intimate" than just "sexual" or copping a feel.. So I don't think the "whore" thing applies, whereas a whore would do more "sexual" things even if she didn't have "feelings"... Now, any girl who lets you do these intimate things to her should KNOW you have feelings for her and shouldn't lead you to believe she does if she doesn't... I personally can't stand the thought of ANYBODY touching me that I'm not actually "involved" with or have feelings for. As far as ATTRACTION: Is she doing these things back to you? embracing you? kissing you? caressing you? If she's just receiving but not really reciprocating then it could be just that you make her feel good, an ego boost, everybody wants to be wanted and made to feel loved and attractive. But If she is reciprocating then I would say yes, absolutely she is attracted.

    • She is more passive than anything. She doesn't kiss me. She does put her arm round me sometimes and hug me often but mostly she receives and seems happy to do so. What I can't work out is wheher she struggles to express herself or whether she has no feelings for me and is just enjoying the attention. I would be disappointed if she would let me do all this just for an ego trip though as my feelings for her are genuine and she does know how I feel, I'm sure of that.

    • Can I ask - how old is she? How often do you see her? Are you ever alone with her or is it always with other people around? and have you ever just come out and asked her what's up? I have to say if I was attracted to a guy and he was doing those things, I wouldn't be able to help but reciprocate, that's human reaction when you're attracted to someone.

    • She is 34.I see her once a week, occasionally more. Ther are always children around - hers and mine. I haven't said anything of late. She has been exhibiting all the classic signs of attraction for several months now. I did tell her how I felt a few months ago and she didn't give anything away, just said she wasn't trying to start anything. Since then we have become more touchy feely than before. She appears to enjoy it but just says she has no feelings or is cold if you try to talk emotions.

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  • yes, of course she's interested on you, or she wouldn't allow you to be so closer to her, and do that... only disagree with number 3. "kissing on the cheek", becaute it's super common for what I know (in my country), everybody does it when say hello for a normal friend (only) (girl or a guy)...but maybe, people behave differently. Anyways, yes, she's very attracted to you.

    • Good point about 3, I'm just not a kisser like that by choice!

  • The only guy that does that to me is the guy that I'm seeing.So I would assume that if a girl lets you do that to her then she must be attracted to you.

  • Well I would only let a man I really liked do this to me. But some women are excuse my language whores and will let anyone who wants to, do it!

  • nope...haha

    • Please expand on that for me?!

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  • No, if it doesn't go further, then you are friendzoned.

    • A friend would let you go even that far?

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    • Depends on her age and whether she is seeing someone else too... Maybe you are not friendzoned.

    • 34 and yes. The second part, I think, explains a lot. I am her friend, but want more, I think she does too and to be honest one day I just thought she started flirting with me which she hadn't before. Things have escalated, slowly, but she won't confront it. All this makes me insecure. I know her relationship isn't great, but she is still with him.

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