How I can move on from unhealthy relationship?

Before i ask my question.. i have to interduce myself , it's my second post.. but i forget to say who i am back then πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
My name is juman.. 21 years old , you can call me Juvia , she's my favourit anime character πŸ’™
Birthday : 12 / 5 / 1996 πŸŽ‚ ♉ ..
I am a pharmacy student πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ English is not my first languge but i can speak it ☺😌 and i can speak japanese too 😍 favourit colour is blue πŸ’Ž
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Everybody did have bad times after breaking up... it's natural right?
my heart now is brocken from unhealthy relationship.. how can i move on? Any ideas? We are " just friends " now , nothing more or less so how can i get along with it? I keep thinking about the past and i can't get him out of my mind.
giving our relationship a second chance is impossible. So HELP.. it's my first time falling in love so i don't know what to do in these situations and also how much time it takes.. any helpful ideas? And thanks a lot ☺


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  • So there's 3 options that you can take for a situation like this I believe. 1. Move on and find someone else because if u do that then it would make you forget about your heartbreak with this guy and it'll make you feel better. 2. Focus on other things besides relationships. Focus on life goals. Achieving things. Hanging out with real friends... working out... etc because doing these things will take ur mind off of the ended relationship. 3. Just let time pass by. You may feel like u are never going to get over him but little do you know that u will. I used to think that when I had crushes that I wouldn't get over them lol. But I did and I feel so much better since I have and once u let time pass by, u will realize it and get over him and feel so much better. The third option I stated is kind of inevitable though lol because time goes by regardless. But yeah...

    • Yes.. that's what i'm gonna do
      Thanks 😁😁

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  • I think is not healthy for you to be friend with that one person at least in this moment, and i know it's difficult to cut all kind of relationship with him. Believe me i understand you because I passed for something similar.
    it's not easy to forget our first love but it's not impossible too.
    Cry all you need but have a limit, i mean is good for you to get everything out but you can't keep crying your hole life, so put a limit to sadness.
    Do things that help you to "oxygenate" your mind, like sports or any kind of hobby. for me the reading was the one he helped me the most.


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  • write down ur feelings in a diary and u can also note it down in ur computer or mobile. it helps u a lot to get it out from it. I have done it after my breakup and I loved her madly. it helped me a lot. whenever I gets feelings about her I write it in my computer in a word file and after that I feels very relaxe and those feelings never come back.


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  • Changing your environment completely will make it much easier. Make new memories


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