I've been single for about a month now, but the past relationship still bothers me a bit. Would it still be okay if I started dating again?

my girlfriend and I broke up after two months. Yes it was a short relationship but I really loved her. We bonded and never had any bad times. She ended it because she's moving away and didn't want to get too serious. Anyway I had a very emotional month that started out horribly with anxiety and what not. But as of a week ago I did something that helped free me from not just that relationship but from one 6 years ago that didn't end well (long story). I know that I'm not entirely over my recent ex. Anytime I see a picture of her or her family I get kind of anxious. But I really want to move on. I've been trying really hard. There's this girl at my college who is in a work out class with me. I've been getting to know her a bit and want to ask her to get Jamba Juice or something casual. But would it be better to wait until I fully recover? Sometimes I hear that meeting someone else is the best way to get out there.


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  • As long as you think you are emotionally stable and ready to start dating again, then you can go out there, But I would wait until you have gotten over your past relationship before starting again. Hope everything goes well.


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