A friendship ended, why is he avoiding me?

This guy and I've been talking since last year. Super great support, nice words and considerate. Recently we began messing around (hot by the way) then I realized that arrangement is not what I wanted until a week or so later. We talked about it, he was upset that I lied to him and told me I wrecked his day because I lied and the fact I talked awful to him. He ended the friendship and deleted contact. A few days go by and we talked to clear the air, I apologized about the way I spoke to him, he said he felt bad about the way it ended too. That was it, we never talked again. I thought we were fine to exist in the same place until we almost had an encounter today in the hallway and he turned around. Then I was in the same room as him but he was outside, he did not come back in but got his friend to get his stuff and left. We have an understanding of not communicating anymore but to avoid me completely is something else.


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  • Hello dear it's a very logical things.. You always take care of your personal space with all i mean to say the distance between in any relationship if distance goes to minimum relationship break quickly weather any type of is


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