For divorced men/women out there. If you could do it all over again, would you avoid getting married in the first place?

I'm been reviewing my past two failed long term relationships. Like any relationship there is always good moments, good times and experiences. Then there is pain following the break up. Sometimes it's maturely done but other times it's done brutally (last girlfriend ghosted me with no warning). However there is always pain, but I guess a successful person would persevere by reminding themselves it would it was fun while it lasted.

Point being is it true that "its better to love and lost than to never loved at all?". Sometimes I wonder if the let down after the failed relationship can have longer negative consequences than the positive experience itself. My last relationship was probably more beneficial than harmful. But the one before that had a horrifying conclusion and I still feel pain from it to this day (even though it was nice while it lasted).


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  • i divoriced my 1st husband. even though my boyfriend of 12 years begged me to marry him, i refused. he is no longer with us & i now regret it.

    • why did you refuse?

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    • You shouldn't feel guilty this was out of his control. At least he spent a good 12 years with you. I doubt tying the know would have changed what happened.

      I confess I wonder how the only girl I ever thought about getting serious with would feel if she found out I wasn't around no more. I don't dwell on it (only a sap would do that). But it has crossed my mind

    • Tying the knot.

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