What's the best cure for a broken heart?

asking for a friend she's so upset over her last breakup I don't know what to do


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  • There's not much you can do to cure it. Maybe bring her favorite candy and watch a few movies together, just be there for her. It'll heal with time but it does hurt a lot for a while. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.


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  • Paracetamol


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  • My suggestion is help her get over him. It will be really hard. I know because I was in this position recently but just help her follow these steps Step 1: leave him alone don't text him for about a week and give eachother some space to fix yourself. Step 2: Forget the memories or drain away the pain Step 3: Make sure she distracts herself. spend loads of time with friends and maybe get a new hobby Step 4 Listen to songs that make her happy and confident in herself. Step 5: if she has to be around her ex she should show him what he's missing out on. Laugh a lot be happy and find new things about herself. Step 6: if she still wants to be friends with him after a week talk to him like normal but don't mention your relationship at all. Also remember tell her not to look at his social medias messages or his last online. Tell her to maybe find someone new or someone to get distracted by like you... good this helps good luck


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  • The best cure is breakn


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