How to get over someone?

its been over a year and i still have trouble not thinking about her every single night. It was my first relationship and it got too serious too quickly.

i feel like i miss her and hate her at the same time.
has anyone been through something similar or have any suggestions?


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  • To me moving on has always been the best option. However, many specialists think its best to focus on you and do things you like to and really reconnect with yourself before moving on. I find this to make sense as often bouncing from relationship to relationship has left me feeling empty, disconnected with myself, and as though the following relationship was almost superficial. I think it best to connect with someone but keep it to a friendship level until you feel over her and ready to move on then perhaps pursue something with the new person as they will have had time to get to know you


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  • I'm currently going through I similar situation, my brother. What you really gotta ask yourself, is how much did you truly love her. Not we she looked like or could do. How she was, the way she got mad, what she sounded like when she said, "I love you," her smell in the morning or at night. The things she couldn't really control; if you can look back on all of that with a genuine fondness then that should be enough. If any of that upsets you in a legitimate way then she's not worth thinking about and you might as well find someone who at the very least wouldn't mind seeing you naked.

    • what if i loved all those things about her?

    • Then you love her enough that if she's doing better off now, you should be happy to do that for her. Its going to hurt, especially because you genuinely feel for her, but that's life and if nothing else you can let me know when its tough. Ill empathize with you, man.

    • it does hurt, i just wish i could understand these feelings better.

      and thanks for the kind words, i appreciate it.

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  • find someone new and focus on making her happy and not making mistakes you made with girl that dumped you, get rid of all traces of her, pictures, letters, text, connections like facebook, snap, pinterest, etc.

    • im having a really hard time meeting people, im just such a introvert, and depression has done a number on my social life

    • dig yourself out and face the world confidentiality, girls avoid shy depressed dudes

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