Why be a slave?

why does a girl like a guy only when he says yes when she says yes and he says no when she says no


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  • Because most of us never learn anything from past mistakes.

    Sure go ahead be a gentleman, but not a fool.

    I like woman & i respect them. But to follow blindly like she is a god or something. How about NO!


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  • He dares to say yes when she says no?

    Funeral service is not free dude.

  • I imagine several hundred years ago, a group of very powerful men, not unlike yourself, were out conquering the known world. So they get to Africa, feeling pretty good about themselves, definitely feeling superior to the savages they see running in the jungle. That is, until one of the brothers drops his loincloth. And then these powerful men, all of a sudden, come face to face, so to speak, with one of life's great inequities.


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