Is this a good idea?

My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago and when we broke up he said he wanted to be good friends and I wanted to as well. Then we stopped talking and he unfollowed me on Instagram. So totally ignore each other. I know both of us are trying to get over everything that has happened but both of us have too much pride to straight up tell each other we want to try being friends. So I've always wanted to throw a surprise party for someone. Our good friend is turning 16 and we both care about her a lot. She's not doing anything for her birthday so I want to throw her a surprise party. Since she is also good friends with my ex I would invite him. In the case he shows up I would just act myself and hopefully that will remind him why him and I were friends in the first place. Plus by the time the party is thrown it will be going on 5 months since we broke up which I think is enough 'healing time'. is this a good plan or am I relying too much on chance? Any other opinions and wisdom will help too!


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  • I wouldn't think about him that much as you do right now. You two don't talk right now, so don't bother about inviting him. You still have 3 months to come before the party is there. Maybe things will change during those months.
    Just try to move on before seeing him again, as it sounds like you're not over him yet.

    • It's a party for my friend who is good friends with him so if I wanna invite her friends he would be included. I will admit I do think about him too much and I'm trying to get over him. I see him everyday and we park our cars really close to each at school so it's quite annoying.

    • Yeah, I know you can't avoid him, but what I meant is that in the meantime, try to give your feelings a place. That way, on the party, you will have a good time, even while he's there.

  • I think it's nice that you want to invite him even if you guys have a past. However, if you do, I'm just hoping it's fine that you don't get to be as close as you think you guys would be because sometimes it takes even more time for others to get over things and somehow, the whole thing may come off the wrong way or even awkward even if you have mutually agreed to be friends. Nonetheless, it's not bad to try but if he refuses or somewhat avoids you there, try to be more understanding and let him cool off.


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