Why is my ex always singing love songs when we're together?

My ex and I broke up a few months ago but we remained ''friends''.
We talk to eachother every other day and spend time together playing video games and such
He told me he has a girlfriend and he talks about her esporadically, sometimes it seems like he's trying to make me jealous..
But i'm a bit confused because everytime we hangout only the 2 of us he starts singing love songs in front of me.
Is he trying to say something or shouldn't i take this as a sign he still wants me?
Please help
PS - i still love him


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  • I think he want you back

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    • thanks but that doesn't really answer my question.. there's no ''one size fits all'' type of solution.
      Every single relationship is diferent, so all breakups should be treated accordingly.
      Thanks for taking your time to send me article though

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