Girls, Girl is giving mixed signals?

Girl at my gym I go to on Sundays, works at the gym and goes to do her workout after her work. So at first I went get a new membership card at reception and she sometimes hangs out at the end of her shift. I thought she was kind of hot and was glancing a few times and then every Sunday I would see her in the gym. Whenever I would walk past her whilst she's at reception I noticed she would look and smiled to herself and stare at me when I'm walking past to the gym. But when she's in the gym not look at me as much. i treat my gym life very seriously as I have been working towards competing etc. So I'm normally in my zone. However I would glance as it was hard not to when she looks hot. Anyway weeks went past and she would still glance/smile. But never speak. She would always look kind of nervous in the gym adjusting clothes and keep looking at me after. I was telling my friend if he noticed her cuz sge kind of hot and I looked around and she was looking at me (oops) So one time I was with my friend and said I will stop going due to distance and then she was listening in and came over and asked if I was using something. Which I wasn't so I asked if she finished with the machine and she politely said yes. And again she was listening in to me complaining saying the bar was not wide enough unlike the other so it doesn't provide a good enough stretch. So she finished and left and looked at me before leaving. Now I see her using the better attachment as wide as possible. I'm kind of confused as I try to see if she would like me to introduce myself but when I walked past and looked at her she wouldn't hold eye contact. All opinions appreciated would like to gain an understanding of what's wrong here? Really confusing v


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  • Maybe she is waiting for u to take a step


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