Former friend Betrayed me, left all her things at my place & owes me hella money?

So I tried to help get a friend of mine clean from heroin. I didn't wanna get intimate with her while she was using, so I mostly refrained. After about a year of hard work, literal blood sweat & tears... she FINALLY kicks the dope. But then she takes off and hooks up with 2 other guys! she comes back after days of being m. i. a. and is clearly tweaked out of her skull, she can't even form proper sentences, says she 'loves' me but doesn't want me like that and all that nonsense. so whatever, I wasted all my time and effort on an ingrate scumbag... that's not the issue. but she left all of her stuff at my place and has never come over to get it, despite threatening me to not throw anything away. she also owes me like a grand. What the hell do you think I should do?


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  • i would tell her her stuff will be in the doorstep outside for her to collect at *insert date and time*

    i doubt you will see that money again


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