Ex wants me to write him a love letter?

We broke up Friday. Before that we hooked up, he said he really want to be friends and still holds out some hope for us to he together. He left in a hurry and I was emotional. He called me the next day asking if I want my earring (only 1) he found back, and I sent him a sweet loving message at the end of the night saying thank you and goodbye nicely, he was a blessing etc. he ignored the sweet message and texted me today saying he wants to meet in a few days to trade off the earring and final love letters. Love letters were our thing and he wrote me one and I haven't yet. When I asked if he wants one he says he still wants me to write one.
I'm confused cause he ignored my sweet goodbye message and apologies but now wants a love letter? He acts like he's moved on but why would he want an emotional goodbye letter and not just go no contact,? Wtf is he doing.


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