Ex wants a love letter?

We broke up a few days ago. He wrote me one and love letters were our thing so he wants one too so we can trade off the letters. He acted pretty careless the last few weeks and even the last time I saw him but called me the day after we broke up saying he found "one earring" in his car and now wants me to write him a goodbye letter. Why would he want that at all if he had moved on? Does he care or just want an ego boost?

I haven't said anything to him about it yet.


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  • If writing letters was y'alls thing maybe that's his way of officially moving on. to get a letter saying goodbye. He will be able to move on after that. holding on to something like that may be something special to him. and getting that goodbye later is what he needs

  • Why do you care what he wants and why the fuck are you having anything to do with an ex?


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