How to stop getting jealous when getting over someone?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago and I cannot describe how much I want to stop caring about him, thinking about him and everything like that. I want to get over him so badly. My main annoyance is that I still get jealous when I see him talk and laugh with other girls. Today he put on his Snapchat story a girl clearly being all flirty. She wasn't even pretty but I still got that feeling of jealousy. And whenever he hangs out with our friend who's a girl I get jealous! Even thought it's a mutual friend who is like a sister to him! I know he puts stories of girls to get to me since he is like that and it works which pisses me off even more. And I know the logical thing is to unadd him on Snapchat but I still see him with other girls and stuff. Plus if I unadd him he'll think it'd because seeing him move on is painful. But I don't give a crap about his life post me (it's honestly not even great) I just don't like feeling jealous when he's with other girls! So how do I stop feeling jealous? Plus how do I just get over him already? I know giving it time works but I want to speed it up a bit. And any other suggestions or opinions would be great!


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  • Well, let's look at this objectively. You know that by being in contact with him it brings you pain, but why are you subjecting yourself to it? The most probable answer is because you still want to know how's he doing, to maybe see a life worse than yours to make you feel a little better and that's perfectly normal and ok. It's hard to start caring less over someone, but the only way to stop that is to delete him. An in terms of him thinking that by unadding him on Snapchat will show your weakness, to me it shows maturity and bravery. It tells me that you know when to cut all lose ties and to know when you need to focus on yourself. If you know fully well that he is talking to girls and posting it on Snapchat to hurt you, ask yourself, is that the type of person you want? The most probable answer is no, what he is doing is hurting you and that is something you should NEVER subject yourself to. My dear, I can't tell you how to stop jealousy overall, if I knew I would of used it by now. It's hard and I get that, let yourself be jealous but use it to fuel on building yourself, showing to yourself that you can live a life without him. A best way to stop jealously is to 1) realize the source of jealously 2) Find a way to calm yourself and rationalize 3) Use that to move on. First thing, is to delete all contact. Trust me, you'll be a lot more happier, and there is no quick way to get over someone. Let yourself grieve, accept it, and never distract, rather build. Good luck, 'm 3 months post breakup. So dw, you're not alone ^__^. If you have any questions, I'm here to help

    • Thanks, the problem is I see him at school everyday😬

    • That's a similar stituation I face as well. Don't worry, through time the pain will fade, but right now lessen your contact with him, it's all about you not him. There are stutuations where I have to interact with my ex due to school projects, friend groups and a club we are in. Unfortunately, I see him practically everyday and trust me it sucks so much. In the beginning, I was hurt, just being near him opened up so many wounds. But, through time, It gave me an oppurtunity to think of it objectively and my heart started to ache a lot less. Granted, there are days where it hurts like hell, but that's normal. If you need to interact, do not bring up your relationship. Treat him with respect and the best comback is to be over it in a healthy manner. Also, as teenagers there are games you'll and he will play (On purpose or not). He will do things to hurt you and you will too. It's human nature sometimes. But if you can be the bigger person and suppress that, then that pain will ache less

    • That make sense. I'm just so done caring about him

  • Well seeing him all the time on Sn is not helping you. Personally it doesn't matter what he thinks, to move on you should delete him off sn. Try and cut him out of your life until you are over him.


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