Why is she Still in my head?

my ex and I broke up back in December of last year. but I still can help but find my self thinking about her. she was honestly the first person I can say I truly fell in love with. I don't know how someone can fall in love in a month of dating. but it happened. Why can't I let her go yet? why does she still come across my mind on a daily basis?


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  • I'm going through the same thing it was 2 years and it's been 7 months since the brake up and I can't stop think about that asshole I know I love him but he pops in my head every minute it's hurts, but try and find new people or when you start to think about her think about the negative things she has done.

    • it just hurts. I've never given myself to someone like that before. and I let her into everything. my mind, my heart. everything. and she went back to her ex.

    • I tried to give her the world. as best as I could.

    • Me too for the first time in my life a guy got to me but the only thing we can do is wish them the best and with times it's getting better because yesterday I was singing an entire sad love song and when the song ended I'd realized that I wasn't thinking of him or wanted to cry so just give it time.

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  • probably because you aren't doing anything else except for laying in bed and remembering her. go out with friends

  • I was in a 7+ year relationship. now Married to someone else and have kids. still think about her, even a dream 2 days ago. first one in years though

    • Would you risk it all to find out the what if?

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    • I feel you there

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