What are your best practices for getting over someone?

So the saying goes, best way to get over a man is to get under one, or that is at least what a friend told me once. Odly it works well in its own way, and Since then I made a habit of it... with that divulging even more about me than I'd like to share... my current heartache is much more than I've felt in the past and I'm trying hard not to follow old habits.
Ladies- get honest with me (share anonymously if you feel you need to) but what do you do? What have you done?


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  • Best way for me is to take a break from dating and go out to have a bunch of fun with friends. If you have the money then travel with a couple of good friends. It's an amazing way to deal with breakups. If not just go party and have fun


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  • Its stupid to think u can get over someone by sleeping with someone else, only a fool would rush to do the same thing that got them where they are now. I been that fool and thats why I say it doesn't help, pleasure doesn't heal those emotional wounds.
    Only way is to go no contact, leave that person and let them go for good. Time and facing yourself and your pain alone is the only way because its only who feels this, expecting someone else to fix it will only prolong the process u avoid to see for urself.

    • I think your right, it's important to face myself alone... unfortunately I can't cut contact with this last one. Thank you

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