He's doing drugs am I being annoying or should I say something more?

Well basically been together almost 6 years now and i have a 4 yearold with him and just had a baby so a 3 month old. And I have my 2 step children. So anyway he use to just smoke pot ans i was fine with that and i knew with his ex they would do uhh acid? And some other shit but he had stopped all that because he wanted custody of his kids.

However, i do so much here for these kids he does work but i am taking care of these kids as if they are my own i feed, dress take them to school pick them up go to school functions parent teacher conferences do home work just i do everything man ans right now im going through postoardum depression and he has been having his friend over every single damn day for 2 weeks doing xanax some dmt? smoking pot popping perk pills and other shit tried some cocaine in my house and been drinking and driving and just its annoying as all hell!

He was saying he's sick of my attitude in front of his friends so i try to stay in our room ut its my house!!! And i want to walk in my house not have drugged over every damn day high and shit around my kids!!! His 2 other kids have been in foster care twice already and I cannot have my biological children taken from me. Im trying to talk to him ans he seems not to care he just wants to do acid and snort xanax and be one of the cool kids he's 31 he's hanging out with 20 yearolds! Im trying to see if maybe he's stressed and this is how he's dealing with it but he can be verbally abusive as well.

So I dunno should i back off and let him be? like he says its his body or keep reminding him he has kids and his 9 year-old son already knows his mother is a druggie doesn't need his father to be one too.


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  • Your partner needs to get his priorities straight. The dude isn't in highschool anymore. He's got kids and put his socializing before you and your kids. I would speak with your parents and his, and if need be a social worker. In my opinion and I'm saying this because my dad passed when I was young, no father is better than a bad one. All your kids need is you. You're showing the care, love, and concern they need. But they don't need to see all the bad examples your partner is showing them. Whatever you decide I hope things turn out well for you.

    • Thankyou so much i guess it would be better to have no father yes than to have one showing them all this bull crap. I tried to tell him today he's putting his friends before his family i started crying and trying to explain everything and he said ok he would stop he didn't know i cared so much and then said that he would tell his friends he didn't need them if they called when i asked well what if a friend called about pills and well just like i said he lied already snorted xanax and that just shows how much he loves and has respect for me none just smiled and laughed said he will juat GO out in the car and do it like wtf its the same thing trying to act 👍 be isn't hooked he is! Its thr only thing that excites him all day his stupid druggie friends!

      Said a man will stop when he wants and that he will that hea bored and wants to party like good god man you sound like a little kid grow up. I already have started packing so i better find somewhere to go his friends just think its funny

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  • Don't back off, there are kids involved. It is his body but they are also your kids and that's what matters in this whole mess. He needs to grow up and that involves being a parent and understanding what you're going through. Postpartum depression is not easy and you don't deserve to have any more stress put on you because he wants to get high. You also don't deserve having your kids taken away for his stupid actions. Confront him about this. If you need to take the kids and spend some time away from him. Let him know you're serious. This isn't a matter that can just be swept under the rug and forgotton about.

    • Thankyou finally someone who isn't so harsh oh your female thats why! :) well i typed out a letter about this drug issue ans he said he will read it tomorrow that is my last resort i told him after that i am basically done i can't keep s
      Dealing with this because im the one watching the kids really while he's ablw to go get the drugs and do them so if i need to go stay at a womens shelter i may have to i dont want to but i have 2 kids and i cannot have something happen to them. If he doesn't care about his kids oh well if spending our money on drugs which he claims he does because he's bored then so be it go right ahead i will not be there to help i want him to know im serious and will leave.

    • You're welcome 🙂 Everything you're doing is right. If he doesn't step up that's his loss. I wish you all the best and good luck.

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  • Why are you with a junkie? Are you stupid?

    • Why are you being an ass about it are you stupid?

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    • Thankyou. And im not saying that in a rude way really thankyou.

    • Good luck

  • i wonder why you're with him in the first place lmao once a junkie always a junkie call the cops on him prison is the best place for him itll help the addiction and the children won't see the father going through that shit also dont just tell him lmao are you stupid woman you have to take action your words won't solve any problems

    • I just dont want to hurt his kids 2 of them that are well step kids of mine have been through foster care enough and i dont want to contact police and well yet i do but i dont want them back in foster care again that hurt them enough

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    • I guess ill look into that wow this is gonna be a long fight 4 kids but hey basically doing it already

    • true you'll ve doing a good thing tho

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