Girls, How to fix this?

My girlfriend of 6 years and I recently got back together. Our social and daily lives are great but our sex life is dead.

She told me that she feels disgusted from our past (I will let your mind wander here).

I told her this "Exposure therapy could work? Maybe we just lay naked, and me being around you might slowly be less of a problem?" (Leviticus: 420).

We said if this doesn't work then we will break up and cease trying. I'm trying to build a life with her but this seems to be our only bubble of problems at the moment.

The question I would like to ask is: Can you think of a new solution to save us if this one fails?
Further information: I have been all about goals, walking and running witb the dog, work, school i am completely driven and fueled for success, i give her all the free time in the world she respects me the same way. We are 23 and 22.

Bottom line it has boiled down to our sex life being our defining moment. I told her she needed to outweigh the pros and cons and ultimately it was up to her to try or give up, and that i won't me mad only dissapointed. That only she could choose to be mad at hersel
*herself in the end.


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  • Can't really say without knowing why she feels disgusted and if it's something she can get passed


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