Anyone experience a mutual break up before?

Just had my first mutual break up, well, at least no true hard feelings, screaming, etc. We realized we're both strong people who don't back down. We agreed to one last night together before break up, just us in bed it was fun, felt like when we started. Lots of mutual physical attraction and such a good vibe. Figure'd we would just stop talking but she text me shortly after leaving saying "this situation f-ing sucks between us" "gonna miss you so much" "really didn't want to lose me or break up" "wishes it wasn't like this". She said I can contact her if I need to or want to talk because she cares so much and she's there for me if I need anything. She invited me up to hang out with her in a few weeks and go hiking like we planned awhile ago. I'd like to go because I still love her, but never done anything like this. I don't have a bad word to say about her and she said "you're an incredible person with only positive things to say and I (she) cherish the time we spend together, and felt good sore today as a reminder of you (me). Thanks.


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