What's her motive?

I've talked to my ex a handful of times in the past 3 to 4 months but every time I reach out she still wants to bring up old shit and some stuff that never even happened? And tries to act like she doesn't care? What's she really trying to tell me?


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  • It's highly dependant on how you guys broke up.. You never know, she might be trying to move on without you trying to contact her, or she feels like she's living in the past, maybe? It depends on your situation

    • Well It wasn't the best of break ups. I broke up with her over a misunderstanding supposedly and then she wouldn't take me back a week later. Prob cause I was being a little over emotional over it and making an ass out of myself. She claims I lied to a family member of hers and I didn't I feel like that was just an excuse to keep being "mad at me" I think it had a lot to do with her friends at work tryin to break us up. I could be wrong. Just really confusing

    • In this case, I would say it is a mixture of what you did and her friends at work, supposedly. Maybe you just weren't made for each other or something.

    • Yeah prob I could tell she was more of a follower. Sometimes I'll catch her creeping by my work sometimes and giving me puppy dog eyes when we pass on the street. So that's why I'm like wtf

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